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At the School of Accounting and Finance (SAF), we're not training accounting and financial professionals. We're inspiring the next generation of leaders who will help drive change in all areas of society by redefining what it means to be an accounting and financial professional.

SAF's world-class faculty, standard-setting curriculum and research, wealth of experiential learning opportunities attract inquisitive and agile minds who think like an entrepreneur to identify new opportunities, solve complex problems and make courageous business and financial decisions. SAF offers four distinct undergraduate programs to bring unique perspectives to business problems. SAF students and graduates create value by combining a management, mathematical, scientific, or computer science mindset to their financial management expertise.

Embedded in Waterloo's culture of innovation, SAF students and faculty tap into and contribute to the resources that inspires cross-disciplinary collaboration to push their expertise into new territories. Our alumni and faculty reach the top of their fields and shape the industry through a global perspective that champions innovation and courage. Our close ties with governing bodies and business allows us to lead the professions forward while transforming them.

At SAF we're always moving forward. We don't wait for change to come or react to it. We create it to turn opportunity to reality. 

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of AFM, Biotech/CPA, CFM, Math/CPA, and MAcc grads are employed full-time within 6 months of graduation

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SAF grads received the CPA National Gold Medal since 2010

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Canadian team to capture the Global Championship at the CFA Investment Research Challenge

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  1. Sep. 14, 2023How businesses recognize employee achievement impacts engagement, motivation and performance
    Employees shaking hands.

    New research shows that team-based recognition can be effective in settings where performance is highly interdependent, and teamwork is essential to the company’s success.

  2. Aug. 17, 2023Get ready for fall with the SAF Fall 2023 Bootcamp!
    Female and male working on laptops

    With the fall term fast approaching, the School of Accounting and Finance (SAF) is excited to welcome the incoming Class of 2028. There is a lot of preparation involved as students get ready for their first year of university.

  3. Aug. 10, 2023Is algorithm control a double-edged sword? Uber drivers’ positive and negative techno-stressors

    by Jessie Ge, PhD Candidate

    Gig economy platforms continue to struggle with high worker attrition. A plausible reason is that workers’ well-being suffers because of an inability to cope with technology demands. Nonetheless, automation is trending, especially for online gig-economy platforms. For example, Uber drive implements algorithm control to screen qualifying drivers (gatekeeping algorithm control) and to monitor and advise on driver behavior (guiding algorithm control). It is important to understand whether and how algorithm control may be a double-edged sword for employees’ well-being in terms of technostress, affecting their intention to continue working on the platform and/or to pursue system workarounds.

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  1. Sep. 19, 2023A glimpse into the world of taxation: Lessons learned from placing second in the YTP Case Competition
    Second place team holding up their prize cheque. From left to right: Daniel, Umer, Professor Julie Robson.

    Our team was comprised of two Master of Accounting (MAcc) students who completed all their co-op terms in audit and a fourth-year Accounting and Financial Management (AFM) student who only completed one of his co-op terms in a tax-related role. With a limited background in tax, we all felt underqualified heading into the case competition since we knew we would be competing against peers with much more relevant tax experience.

  2. Sep. 12, 2023Taking the Bespoke Approach
    Full body shot of Jai, Chiranjeev, and Luka

    Our Journey to Winning the SAF Investment Research Challenge (IRC)

    The 10th edition of the School of Accounting and Finance’s (SAF) Investment Research Challenge (IRC) brought anticipation and excitement. As a team of students who enjoy pitch competitions, we knew we had to try our best during the competition if we were to win the top prize. After weeks of preparation and a day of competing, we were incredibly happy to hear that we won first place!

  3. Sep. 6, 2023Our journey to first place at the SAF Strategy Competition
    Full body shot of Carol, Mehek, and Helen

    Three elements that helped us succeed

    After competing in several case competitions together, our team decided that the SAF Strategy Competition was an amazing opportunity for us to apply our skills at home in Hagey Hall.

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Andrew Bauer

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Office: HH 3112

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*Approved Doctoral Dissertation Supervisor