Beyond the classroom: RISE case competition!

Thursday, November 5, 2020
by Bianca B. - SAF

Photo of Bianca
I think that participating in and winning the Schulich RISE business strategies case competition has showed me the benefits of pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and being confident in my abilities! 

Before the competition, I had never met my teammates and had not competed in a business strategy case competition. I was nervous and unsure of what the experience would bring, especially with the added unfamiliarity of being in an online environment. However, these feelings are normal! And most of the time when you’re feeling uncomfortable or uncertain it is because you are learning and growing.

My team got together before the competition to go over our strategy and we really bonded. We had no idea of what the competition would look like, but we knew that SAF had prepared us for the challenge! During the two-hour pressure tank my team executed our strategy and I realized that all the nervousness that I was feeling before was for nothing! We were able to thrive due to our preparation and team atmosphere. Not only did we succeed in the competition, but we participated in social media challenges and just had fun. 

Overall, I believe that SAF presents its students with so many opportunities to challenge and better themselves outside of the classroom. Taking the step to make these new experiences is something that I am going to remember about my undergrad degree. Winning RISE will not only be a nice addition to my resume, but it will be an experience that I can reflect on. Next time I am presented with the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone I will face it with excitement!