From challenge to championship—what a wild ride!

Thursday, April 2, 2020
by Effy G., SAF

Hey fellow students, I want to tell you about my experience competing at the CFA Ethics Competition, a competition that is much more fun than it sounds.

In the beginning, I decided to take part because I thought it would be beneficial for my résumé (typical student joining a competition, right?). However, I soon realized there was much more to take away from this competition than just a line in my résumé. Of course, it taught me to be more aware of the ethical dilemmas and issues that I could face in the financial industry, but that was not what I loved most about the experience. I loved the adrenaline that I felt during the event. Yes, I’ve done lots of presentations in my classes, but presenting with my team at a big competition like the CFA Ethics Competition felt different—this time I was representing the University of Waterloo. This gave me the motivation to work harder, and guess what? We ended up winning!!

I strongly suggest you take part in any competitions like this. I feel I was able to learn more about CFA Ethics in this competitive environment, than I would have through a course or project. I learned how ethics can be implemented in all types of situations—even in my daily life. My overall experience was incredible.

Coming up for our team is the next round of the competition which takes place in Montreal. We are beyond excited, wish us luck! (hopefully we won’t need it)