Day 2: Germany International study trip

Tuesday, November 12, 2019
by Ziming G., SAF
day 2 soccer game

The second day of the AFM 415 International Study Trip was in Frankfurt, Germany. The day started with a complimentary breakfast, to which the highlight were delicious Nuremberg sausages!

Following breakfast, the team walked to Palmengarten, a local garden not far from downtown Frankfurt. The garden showcased a wide array of flowers, from roses to tulips and even a small pond with carp and turtles. The smell of the roses alone made it a great way to spend a peaceful Sunday morning.

Lunch was booked at ‘Der Fette Bulle’, a burger restaurant not too far from the hotel. While in the restaurant, I learned that in Germany it is common courtesy to eat burgers with a fork and knife! We all thought that was the strangest thing but we still tried our best to follow German tradition!

Following lunch, the team travelled to Commerzbank Arena to see the Eintracht Frankfurt vs Hoffenheim football game. For most of us, this was the first time we’ve attended a live European football match, which was just the tip of the excitement. The atmosphere in the stadium was absolutely electrifying. Eintracht Frankfurt’s fan base showed up in a sea of red and rocked large flags declaring their support. However, it wasn’t just the home team fans that went above and beyond with their support. Hoffenheim’s fans did not back down where a small corner of fans sang and cheered throughout the entirety of the 90 minutes. The action-packed game ended with Frankfurt being victorious with a score of 1-0.

Heading back to the hotel after the game, we found ourselves surrounded by Eintracht Frankfurt fans at the subway station. We made new friends during the course of the ride and when we told them that we were Canadians, they were shocked that we would come all the way to Germany to watch a game!

German football support was truly a sight to see! Most fans are very proud to rock their team’s colours in rival cities.

Following the game, another student and I went to Im Herzen Afrikas, a West African restaurant in Frankfurt for dinner. There was nothing left of the four large platters we ordered. A testament to how delicious it was! The unique eating style of low chairs and benches, combined with Dosa’s, various chutneys/stew, and some refreshing homemade juice, made the trip worthwhile on its own.

Germany was pleasantly very ethnically diverse. Different restaurants and shops from all around the world can easily be found in the city – a definite highlight of this trip!

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