A Day as a Venture Capitalist

Friday, March 19, 2021
by Julee H., MAcc Student

Overcoming my doubts to participate in an exciting case competition 

It had been four years since I

Photo of Julee
last competed in a case competition, so naturally, I was hesitant when I was invited to join the School of Accounting and Finance’s (SAF) graduate team for the Venture Capital Investment Competition (VCIC). During the competition, we played the role of Venture Capitalists for a day, assessed start-ups, and presented and delivered an investment strategy in front of a panel of judges.

A tax midterm around the corner, coupled with my lack of venture capital experience and nerves for public speaking only contributed to my uncertainty about what additional value I could bring to my team. Despite these doubts, I decided to take advantage of one of the last few opportunities I would have as a SAF student to participate in a case competition.

Upon joining the team, I was thrilled to be able to reconnect with Shubhankar and Brendan, both of whom I've worked with during my undergraduate years in AFM. I also met some amazing new peers from different programs - Julia, Sidhant, and Victor. For me personally, VCIC was a valuable experience because I learned so much from my group. My teammates who had experience with the Student Venture Fund took the time to give me a crash course on venture capital, including topics such as due diligence, deal structure, and valuation. As a team, we encouraged and challenged each other to be prepared for anything the judges might throw our way. With the guidance and support from faculty, as well as our own tough preparation sessions, we were able to secure a second-place win against competing students coming from MBA programs!

I’m glad I overcame my initial uncertainty and took part in a rewarding experience that gave me further exposure to venture capital and allowed me to work with some truly insightful peers. Despite the convenience of a virtual competition, I have thought about how exciting and fun the in-person event in Halifax would have been, so I hope that students will be able to experience the competition to its fullest in the future.