Finishing first in the Achieve Case Competition

Friday, May 28, 2021
by Rebecca L., Lawrence L., & Evelyn K. - AFM students

Leveraging our classroom and co-op experiences to make it to the top

Today’s accounting and finance professionals face many adverse challenges, now more than ever. Attending and competing in the 2021 Achieve Case Competition while representing the University of Waterloo and the School of Accounting and Finance (SAF) was not only a great learning experience but also a time to showcase courage in redefining the future and overcoming challenges.

team pic
The case presented a real-life situation involving how a local restaurant should operate to best navigate the challenges posed by COVID-19 and how it could expand going forward. As this year’s case was uniquely a strategy case, our team worked together to apply our co-op experiences, technical knowledge, and creativity to come up with a cohesive recommendation. We were able to apply many of our experiences both inside and outside of the classroom and as a result, our team came out on top - finishing in first place! With a tight deadline to prepare and present our solution, we were also able to develop our problem-solving, teamwork, and communication skills to new heights. By being able to connect what was learned in the classroom and during our past co-op terms, we were able to combine our skill sets in coming up with a recommendation, presenting it, and finally answering tough questions from real business and industry professionals.

After partaking in the 2021 Achieve Case Competition, our team learned that there is an immense need for advisors/consultants with accounting and finance backgrounds to look beyond the financial numbers and help businesses not only get back on their feet but also strive for success! In order to fully analyze the situation facing many business owners, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the language of business. Our team also learned that it is important to be able to apply course concepts while also bringing in experiences and knowledge beyond the classroom for a more comprehensive solution.

As students of today and professionals of tomorrow, we highly recommend students to participate in case competitions because it provides an exceptional learning experience!