First-year student thoughts: I’m ready for the challenge

Wednesday, October 26, 2022
by Tianna, AFM Student

Tianna (in the middle) with her friends
September is a month of change and new beginnings where students across the world commence a new chapter of their life together at their respective universities. As Warriors, we are lucky enough to call the University of Waterloo our home. Specifically, as an Accounting and Financial Management (AFM) student, I get to call the School of Accounting and Finance my home.

While at first intimidated by the calibre of students I met during my first few days, the welcoming and friendly spirit at Waterloo was flourishing during the 2022 Freshman Orientation Week. I have met so many great friends who I am sure will continue to be dear to me until the end of our four to five years here together. While leaving home, as well as the various comforts and communities I have bonded with, I am happy to say that I have formed a new home here at Waterloo and look forward to having my community grow over the next year.

I often find myself asking, what will the next year hold? Will I make it, or will this new challenge be too much? Despite the doubts, I know that with my various support systems at Waterloo, my amazing professors, and my closest friends, I will thrive as a Waterloo Warrior. While, in the words of Elsa, we may be going “Into the Unknown”, I know that I am Waterloo ready.