How did the class feel about the Singapore trip?

Tuesday, July 11, 2023
by Shamoeel (AFM Student)

From the bustling hawker centres to the gleaming skyscrapers, Singapore's vibrant spirit and cultural diversity invite travelers to embark on an adventure of endless wonder and enchantment. The class arrived in Singapore on Friday, April 28 and the following 10 days zoomed by. Balancing weekend sightseeing with weekday company visits, we gained a profound understanding of Singapore's economic, social, and cultural landscape.

Guided by an expertly crafted checklist from the marketing and culture team, and thoughtfully planned transit routes from the meals and logistic team, the class embraced the opportunity to explore the many attractions Singapore has to offer. During weekdays, we had the privilege of meeting professionals at a multitude of companies. This helped us understand the inner workings of numerous industries, gain invaluable insights and create new connections.

Our class had the opportunity to visit so many amazing places; from the iconic Marina Bay Sands to the majestic Merlion Park – where the stunning half-lion, half-fish statue stands proudly next to the breathtaking Flower Dome and Cloud Forest – in the Gardens by the Bay. We also delved into the cultural richness of Singapore, wandering through the vibrant streets of Chinatown, Haji Lane, and Katong-Joo-Chiat. We also went on several hikes, embracing the natural landscapes and warm weather.

None of our adventures would have been possible without the efforts of the meals and logistics team. They both guided and looked after us, ensuring we never went hungry and knew how to navigate from one place to another. Thanks to the team, we enjoyed many of the delicious foods that Singapore is famous for. Experiencing savoury meals at busy hawker centres and delighting in the flavors of kaya toast, dim sum, laksa and more. The team took great care of us and made our time in Singapore all the more enjoyable.

Similarly, thanks to the endless efforts from the corporate relations team and the invaluable guidance of professor Balaban, we had the privilege of meeting many amazing dignitaries and visiting world class companies that you may have seen on our LinkedIn updates throughout the week. Their hard work made our learning experience so much better.

In short, the trip was fantastic! Everyone learned something new and took away valuable lessons that have shaped our lives and future goals.

We want to extend our gratitude to School of Accounting and Finance at the University of Waterloo, along with professor Steve Balaban, for giving us, the group of 12 students, the opportunity to have an extraordinary experience in Singapore! Thank you!

Singapore trip team at the botanical gardens