How the Launch Your Career conference helped prepare me for co-op

Thursday, November 12, 2020
by Grace F. - AFM

photo of Grace
Hey everyone! My name is Grace and I am currently a first-year student in the Accounting and Financial Management (AFM) program. Like many of you, I was not exactly sure what to expect about university or co-op. Job application? Who is she? Despite all of this, the Launch Your Career conference organized by SAF opened my eyes to a wide array of opportunities that I would have been too scared to think about months ago.

The conference helped me prepare for success on future co-op experiences. It included a student co-op panel event, which introduced me to upper-year students who were maximizing their potential in the work they are doing in business fields like tax, auditing, private equity, and consulting. It was extremely helpful learning from these upper-year students as they provided guidance on their co-op experiences and how they balanced between their role as a student and business professional. Their advice on job-searching, such as diversifying your experiences and getting involved with the community enabled me to look to the future —where do I want to be and how can I get there? 

In addition to participating in professional workshops run by faculty and staff, I will also have the opportunity to put my learning into practice through actual co-op work terms. The resources at SAF make me feel confident in my abilities to succeed as a professional in the future.