How our awesome team pulled off AFOW this fall

Wednesday, October 28, 2020
by the AFOW 2020 Team

This year’s Accounting and Finance Orientation Week (AFOW) was the most difficult one we’ve hosted, but, with the combined effort from all of our 17 members, we successfully overcame many challenges.

Beginning in March, our team held countless Discord calls and Webex meetings to discuss how we could best welcome the incoming students at the School of Accounting and Finance (SAF) virtually. Our goal was to allow students to network and make connections with each other through the Webex platform. And with that in mind, we started brainstorming activities that would keep everyone engaged. Games and activities we thought of included Club Penguin, and Mafia. Then came the question of, if we do go forward with it, how many rounds do we play? How do we keep everyone entertained and engaged? We constantly asked ourselves this last question until every aspect of the event was considered.

AFOW Group picture
After the events were decided, our talented logistics team spent days and nights on different Excel sheets to verify every applicant, to create teams, and to triple check all the event details. Even with our many event run-throughs, we still experienced hiccups during our actual AFOW event because of the difficulty that comes with managing technology and seven different Webex rooms. However, thanks to our brilliant team members, we powered through and were able to call AFOW 2020 a huge success!

Thanks to everyone who attended and helped us spread the word.

Until next time,

The AFOW 2020 Team

PS. Check out the AFOW team’s takeover on the SAF Instagram page for a behind the scenes look at this year’s events.