An inside look at studying in the School of Accounting and Finance as an international student

Monday, December 12, 2022
by Cloie, AFM Student

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After two terms of studying online, I finally got on my flight from China to Canada. My on-campus university journey was officially commencing, and a new experience was going to be unlocked. When I visited the University of Waterloo campus for the first time, I was excited to make new friends but at the same time, I was uncertain if I could fit in this new environment. However, meeting the faculty, staff, and students at the School of Accounting and Finance (SAF) dispelled my concerns.

The professors that I’ve interacted with are respectful and patient, especially when dealing with student problems. Their offices are always open for any questions. Besides the class lectures, professors also advise me on my life and future career path. This allows me to think about my future career goals using different perspectives.

I was also able to build kind and lovely friendships during my classes and by participating in various clubs. Moreover, the SAF Lounge is one of my favourite places to visit after classes and socialize. I usually just grab a chair near a friend and start chatting. Sometimes, the conversations are academic related, sometimes, they are not. People at SAF are always so supportive. If you ask someone for help, you will find a group of people gathering and passing your laptop around to review your work and provide you with helpful feedback. 

group of students sitting at tableA recent SAF memory that will always stay close to my heart was when I went to the SAF Lounge, greeted and sat with my friends around a table with a large pizza in the middle of the table that was available for all students in the lounge. I was completing my schoolwork; my friends were watching the World Cup and I could overhear the people at the other table talking about the inflation rate. That moment made me smile as this was the university life I had always wished for.