Meet the corporate relations team for the International Study Course trip to Vietnam

Wednesday, June 21, 2023
by Raphael, Tony, Quang, and Harshil (AFM students)


We are the corporate relations team for the Spring 2023 International Study Trip to Vietnam! Our team is tasked with contacting businesses and companies in Vietnam to set up meetings with them when we visit Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. Our team consists of Raphael, Tony, Quang, and Harshil. We are stoked to be travelling to Vietnam and are looking forward to sharing our exciting meetings and experiences with you!

The team

A portrait style image of Raphael

Hi! My name is Raphael, and I am in my 2B Term of AFM. I am excited to visit both Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. I am looking forward to learning about the rich history Vietnam has to offer, and exploring its many unique cultural attractions, including the vibrant markets and local street food vendors.

A portrait style photo of Tony

My name is Tony, and I am in my third year of AFM. I am looking forward to visiting Vietnam. I will be visiting three countries this term but I am truly looking forward to the amazing food Vietnam has to offer.

Hey! My name is Quang, and I am in my 2B term of AFM. I am looking forward to visiting my motherland and showing the class a big part of my upbringing.

A portrait style photo of Harshil

Hello! I am Harshil, and I'm in my 2B term of AFM. This trip will be a great chance to travel and explore the rich culture and history of Vietnam. I hope to leverage this experience to connect with people and create lifelong memories.

Our role in corporate relations

The corporate relations team is in charge of connecting with business professionals and companies in Vietnam to set up tours, meetings, Q&As and dinners. These businesses range from local giants in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi to international companies with offices in Vietnam. Our visits are aimed at understanding the different company’s operations and their impact on the local economy, as well as industry information that is specific to Vietnam. Looking beyond our trip, our team also helps curate a contact list of the industry professionals we met. These connections can then be leveraged by students interested in working overseas and building a career at these various companies.

Our goals and expectations

Given the emerging markets of Vietnam and broader Southeast Asia, we want to meet with companies that focus on manufacturing and commodity production. The agricultural footprint in Vietnam is significant; therefore our team has narrowed our interest specifically to coffee making and mining. Moreover, as accounting and finance students, we expect to connect with several industry-leading professionals and organizations in finance to better understand the economic state of the country.

As this is the first time a class is visiting Vietnam we look forward to learning from the many available industry professionals and creating international connections. We are also eager to build a deeper understanding of the corporate culture of the country. The corporate relations team is excited to be leading the process of gaining newfound knowledge and creating an expanded network that will foster international collaboration and drive global opportunities for the School of Accounting and Finance.