Navigating chaos: Planning an international group trip

Tuesday, July 18, 2023
by Julianna (AFM student), Munrina (AFM student), Simerjot (AFM student), Tommy (AFM student)

As we near the end of the term and eventually set out for our International Study Course trip, our team has been figuring out various logistics and details needed to make the trip as successful as possible. There are a couple important things we have to plan:

1. Flights

First, we must figure out how to get to Indonesia. To do this, we need to consider travel dates, exam schedules and other obligations group members may have. We also don’t want to spend our life savings on plane tickets, so it is important to find the most convenient and affordable flights. When planning our trip, it is helpful to ask ourselves:

  • When do we want to leave Canada and arrive at our destination? In the morning, afternoon, evening, or late at night?
  • How much are we willing to spend on plane tickets?
  • How many days do we want to go for?
  • Do we want to have any layovers?

Finally, while COVID is no longer a global health emergency, many countries still have entry requirements which need to be met. Therefore, it is best we look into these before we travel!

2. Hotels

After a long journey with no leg room (and potentially crying children), all we will want to do is escape into the comfort of our hotel. So, it is extremely important we find one that can let us sink into our mattresses without worry. Some of our tips for booking hotels:

  • Call ahead to see if they have enough rooms to accommodate the group.
  • Consider the proximity of our planned activities – how close is the hotel to the events we have planned?
  • Consider room situations and comfort – how many people per room?

Another tip: Call and book the hotel as early as possible to get the best pricing and availability.

3. Transportation

When we travel alone, we all have our own style of doing things, especially when it comes to getting around. Some of us prefer to use the local transit system while others prefer to use Uber or cab services. For the purposes of our trip, we will be going everywhere as a team, whether that be meetings or recreation activities. Fortunately, our team had the great idea of renting a minibus that would transport us between the airport, hotel, meetings and all our fun activities.

Between flights, hotels and local transportation you should be mostly covered! Flights are probably the most difficult and stressful part of travelling. As long as you have booked your hotel in advance and know how you're going to get around once you've reached your destination, you should have a mostly smooth time.

We hope these tips were helpful; whether it be for the next vacation you have lined up or for a future AFM 334 course trip you take part in!

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