Our Experience Competing in the ACHIEVE Case Competition

Monday, April 3, 2023
by Joanna, AFM student

A Journey of Learning and Collaboration

Participating in a case competition is an incredible opportunity to challenge oneself and learn from talented peers. That's precisely what myself and my colleagues, Pratham, Katherine, and Chloe, experienced when we competed in the ACHIEVE Case Competition in January. 

As a team, each person had different experiences and skillsets that helped to diversify us. Pratham had expertise in finance, Katherine in tax, Chloe in consulting, and me in assurance. We knew that the edge we would have over other teams would come from the combination of all these different areas of expertise. 

During the competition, we had only 90 minutes for the case cut and then had to go for a 15-minute presentation and 10-minute Q&A. We felt a mix of excitement and nerves as we stepped into the presentation room. But as soon as we started, all our anxieties faded away. Despite the intense competition from other talented teams across Canada, we remained focused and committed to delivering a polished and impactful presentation. 

We were thrilled to learn that our hard work and collaboration had paid off, and we secured a 6th place finish among all the teams that participated. Undoubtfully, we gained invaluable experience and knowledge, and we are proud of what we accomplished together. 

Looking back, we can confidently say that we enjoyed the experience of competing in the ACHIEVE Case Competition. We learned not only about accounting but also about teamwork, communication, and time management. We also formed a strong bond, which will endure beyond the competition. 

In conclusion, we feel grateful to be selected to represent University of Waterloo, School of Accounting and Finance, and to compete in the ACHIEVE Case Competition. We strongly encourage you to participate in it too!