Placing Third at a National Stock-Pitch Competition

Monday, December 6, 2021
by Sanovar B. (AFM 3A), Waleed K. (AFM 3A), Grace F. (AFM 2A), Pratham A. (AFM 1A), Luke P. (AFM 1A), John G. (CS/BBA 3A)

Reaching top three and learning from others along the way

Group Photo of ACIIC Team

The mandate of the Association of Canadian Intercollegiate Investment Clubs (ACIIC) is to bring together ​Canadian university students from coast to coast to form a community of ambitious students who are passionate about finance and investing.  Each year, ACIIC calls for members from Canadian student investment clubs to form a chapter team that represents their university at a national stock-pitch competition. In November 2021, several students from the School of Accounting and Finance (SAF) joined the University of Waterloo chapter team and competed in the event, which was sponsored by the National Bank, PenFund and Purpose Investments. The team placed third out of ten universities, beating out teams from Queen’s University, Western University’s Ivey Business School, University of Toronto and York University.

In this year’s competition, each chapter was tasked with pitching a long equity investment that is listed on a North American or European exchange over the course of a 10-minute presentation. This was then followed by a Q&A session where presenters had to defend their investment theses in front of a panel of judges from the financial services industry. 

We witnessed several impressive presentations from other Canadian universities on the day of the competition and it was very exciting to learn about a variety of businesses and industries. We were able to gain an understanding of trends impacting electric vehicle companies, real estate technology, retail chains, and energy companies. It was also interesting to see how other chapters went about analyzing the stock they pitched, and the intricacies involved in building financial models for businesses operating in different industries. 

The competition provided us with an opportunity to apply the analytical, valuation and presentation skills we developed in the courses we take at the SAF. Looking back, constant communication, emphasis on learning, and our ability to draw on our diverse backgrounds and experiences were the building blocks of success for our team. We highly recommend that students participate in competitions and extracurricular activities like ACIIC, as they provide opportunities to collaborate with others, build upon concepts taught in class and broaden one’s horizon.