Becoming a peer mentor was an eye-opening experience

Tuesday, August 25, 2020
by Anshul S., SAF

Through the Waterloo Ready program, I have been able to assist my mentees in preparing themselves for their first year at the School of Accounting and Finance (SAF). It has brought back a lot of memories and gave me the chance to reminisce as well.

Anshul S

I found it a very eye-opening that my mentees had the same questions I did before I began my first year! So, at the end of each meeting, I made sure to host a question and answer session for my mentees so they can ask me any question and I can provide them with the best possible answer. My mentees have also approached me on social media asking questions, so we’ve been in constant contact.

There were many activities I ran through video calls that I really enjoyed, including giving my mentees a virtual tour of campus, an overview of possible extracurricular activities, and study tips and tricks. When I was going through the virtual tour of campus, I showed students where my previous classes took place on campus, and from that experience, I could advise them on the best places they can eventually grab breakfast from (like Tim Hortons). When talking about the co/extra-curricular activities offered at SAF and on-campus I was able to bring up the fact that I was on an intramural basketball team and was a member of the CPA PSAP program. I really emphasized the importance of being involved with the campus community.

Overall, I believe being a part of the Waterloo Ready program as a peer mentor has been an enlightening experience for me and I enjoyed mentoring and building trust with my mentees through our meetings. All the best on your first term of university!