The differences between university and high school, and how to make the transition easier!

Tuesday, December 20, 2022
by Tianna, AFM student

Tianna wearing a gown and smiling at the cameraThe transition from high school to university is a big one, mainly because of the vast differences between the two. Below are some key differences to watch out for!

Freedom and independence

In high school, you may have experienced a little freedom, but for the most part, you are closely watched over by the adults in your life. In university, you become the adult and have a lot more time to do things you love. However, this freedom and independence has the potential to take its toll. Remember that there is no more handholding in university! You are responsible for staying on track with your studies while doing what makes you happy.  

Time management

The days of beginning your day at 9:00 am and ending it at 3:00 pm are over! This lack of structure may sound exciting at first, however, it means that you must create a structure within your life that suits your goals to succeed. Creating a schedule that allows you to finish all your academic requirements within the day while also making time for the things that you love is very important.

A new environment

In high school, you know the same people, can rely on the same teachers and have a strong support system backing you up. In university, everything is new! The hardest part about the transition to university is that you are discovering yourself and where you want your life to go, all while being in a new city and making new friends. This may seem daunting at first but remember that everyone else is going through the same experience! Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Remember, everyone is experiencing the same anxieties associated with a new environment that you are in.