Introducing the marketing and culture team for the International Study Course trip to Indonesia

Wednesday, June 7, 2023
by Aniket (AFM Student), Ansh (AFM Student), Kangan (AFM Student)

Hello and Selamat (“Welcome” in Bahasa, the official language of Indonesia)!

The Spring 2023 International Study Course is excited to have two destinations this summer in the heart of Southeast Asia - Vietnam and Indonesia. This term, our class is heading to Indonesia! Our class is broken into three teams: corporate relations, meals and logistics, and marketing and culture. Our team is responsible for marketing and culture, and we’re excited to be sharing insights on Indonesia’s amazing culture with you!

Our team’s responsibilities include researching and sharing knowledge about Indonesian culture, creating social media content, and planning activities during our downtime on the weekends. We aim to make our trip as enjoyable as we can for our class and YOU as you join us on our journey through Instagram!

In the meantime, look out for Instagram posts, reels, stories, takeovers, and lots more. These will be great opportunities for you to ask any questions as well as a chance to see what AFM 334 is all about. After the trip, we will share post-trip reflections and highlight our most memorable experiences.

Here’s a bit about us and our experience so far with planning the International Study Trip:

My name is Kangan and I am a third-year Accounting and Financial Management (AFM) student. Through being on the marketing and culture team, I have learned so much about Indonesian culture, expanding my perspective of our world. This has allowed me to become better integrated into a global environment and work towards thriving as a leader in such an economy.

My name is Ansh and I am a second-year AFM student. While researching Indonesia, I’ve been exposed to Indonesia’s growing economy - one which I believe can become a global leader. As someone interested in working within the venture capital space, I‘ve learned that there is vast investment opportunity in Indonesia, an area which I had not previously considered to take my career. As I prepare for the trip and to meet industry leaders, I am confident that Indonesia is a country where I can become more heavily involved in venture capital as both an analyst and investor.

My name is Aniket and I am a second-year AFM student. Through being on the marketing and culture team, I have learned about the deep intricacies that make up Indonesia, like its growing economies and the cherished relationships that Indonesian people have with each other. Learning about Indonesia’s customs has broadened my vision of the world we live in and makes me see the vast amount of differences in culture that other countries have.

A significant portion of this course involves learning about companies and international business environments through meetings with company executives. Meeting industry professionals in this emerging market will allow us to expand our knowledge and integrate a global perspective into our daily lives. To enrich our discussions, it’s vital that our team follows proper etiquette to uphold a professional standard. We will research Indonesian culture to ensure our class leaves a positive impression as representatives of the School of Accounting and Finance and the University of Waterloo. Although most of our time will be in meetings, we hope to enjoy our downtime on weekends! With the beautiful scenery and diversity of Indonesian culture, our team will be finding attractions to visit so we can experience our trip to its fullest.

If you have any questions for our team, AFM 334, or Indonesia, don’t hesitate to reach out! We look forward to our journey and taking you along for the ride. Stay tuned for blogs from the other teams in the course!