Making a lasting impression

Wednesday, October 21, 2020
by Tanvi S., SAF

Hi UWaterloo community! 

I’m Tanvi, a School of Accounting and Finance (SAF) student and I start my first co-op work term this coming Winter. The recruitment period can be extremely stressful (but exciting)), and I made a conscious effort to stay positive during the entire experience and to help my peers. Going into the co-op process, one thing that every student must remember is that you might face disappointment, but this is no time to become discouraged! Believe me, you learn something from every experience in your life —big or small.                                                       

To help us transition into our first co-op work term and have a great recruitment period, SAF organizes a professional development conference annually called Co-op Ready. This year, one of my favorite segments was Nailing the Interview with Dinesh Balakrishnan. Not only did he have some amazing tips, but he made sure to keep the audience engaged throughout the segment. As a very informed professional, he provided us with great insights, as most of us work hard on our applications but rarely do we think ahead about the interview process. Making a lasting impression during the interview is key!

Tanvi AFM Student
One of the more memorable things Dinesh mentioned was that “Stress helps us focus; too much stress throws us off our game. Manage it, or it will manage you.” Meaning that stress is okay but only in limited quantities. The most effective way to limit your stress is by looking at the brighter side of things and working on improving elements that you recognize can truly affect your future growth prospects.

Finally, SAF has a perception of being competitive but YOU can be the one to change that. Work hard, support your peers, and stay positive! Your success won’t be hampered if you help someone else climb the same ladder along the way. As Dinesh said “Believe in yourself but lean on each other for support. You’re all in this together.”