Registration opens for Accounting and Finance Orientation Week (AFOW)

Monday, August 31, 2020
by AFOW Executive Team

At the beginning of every fall term, the Accounting and Finance Orientation Week (AFOW) welcomes brilliant students from across the globe to the School of Accounting and Finance (SAF)! Our executive team members were all incredibly disappointed to find out that this year’s AFOW wouldn’t be taking place in person. However, we have revamped events and activities and have worked hard to make sure the incoming class of 2025 still has an unforgettable experience.

AFOW executive team

Our goal is to ease your transition into university, and to congratulate and welcome you to the SAF community! This September, you will be able to make friends with fellow first year students at an AFOW event, as well as network with members of various SAF clubs through or Club Crawl. You can expect a series of ice breaker games, networking sessions, and insights on the SAF community!

Although this year’s events will be held virtually through WebEx, it will still be an excellent opportunity to not only get some handy tips, but also get connected with the AFOW team, SAF clubs and learn all about the opportunities the School has to offer!

So, what are you folks waiting for?! Registration for AFOW is now open! Go secure your spot!