Three tips for travelling abroad

Wednesday, April 5, 2023
by Coco (AFM Student), Irene (AFM Student), Melissa (AFM Student), and Sam (Math/CPA Student)

The meals and logistics team for the International Study Course share their travel advice.

At the end of the winter 2023 term, professor Steve Balaban and our class will be going to Singapore for the International Study Course trip. While in Singapore, we will be meeting with alumni as well as other dignitaries to help further enhance our learning.

Travelling abroad is not always easy, but planning our logistics early can be the secret to making it more enjoyable – and that was our job as members of the meals and logistics team. Knowing what activities to do, what food to eat, and other expenses you will have, allow you to stick to your budget. By planning early, you can get an idea of how much you need to save for the trip, which provides you with the opportunity to seek the best travel deals. Early planning involves thinking about travel times, compiling a packing list, and booking activities in advance for those with reservable tickets. There are many considerations that go into trip planning, so check out these three tips below for travelling abroad.

1. Building your budget and agreeing on the budget

As any conscientious traveller, it is crucial to establish a budget for your trip to make the most of your experience. It is especially important to budget as a group of university students travelling to a foreign country because we need to know exactly what we can expect to spend, while also factoring in the other expenses of our daily lives (paying tuition, rent, and buying the occasional–or not so occasional bubble tea). Some questions you can ask yourself are:

  • What are the must-see attractions?
  • How can you balance comfort and quality with price?
  • What are some trade-offs you can make to accommodate everyone?

Planning ahead and doing your research on the various options available can both enhance your experience and keep your wallet intact!

2. Traveling as a group: Compromises and safety

It can be difficult to take into consideration everyone's opinions when travelling in a group. Each person has different preferences when they travel. Where one person may prefer to explore different areas of the country, someone else may want to try out certain types of cuisines. Creating a poll for the group to fill out can help identify preferences, as well as any potential dietary restrictions to consider when planning meals. It is important to identify multiple options for attractions and restaurants to better tailor to the group's preferences throughout the trip. Making compromises when travelling in a big group can enable each person to have the most fun possible! In addition to fun, safety is always a priority! A helpful method is to implement a buddy system to ensure everyone in the group is safe and does not get lost throughout the adventure.

3. Getting from the airport to your accommodation

Once you land at your destination, navigating how to leave the airport and get to your accommodation can be stressful. As such, planning your route from the airport to your accommodation in advance is very helpful. Before departing for your trip, investigate various transportation methods to determine the one best suited for you and your group.

It may be helpful to ask yourself:

  • How does their public transportation operate?
  • Do they have conveniently located taxi services outside the terminals?
  • Is there a shuttle that goes directly to your accommodation?
  • Are you planning to rent a car for pickup at the airport?

When considering these options, consider the travel time, operating hours, travel costs, and available payment methods. Similarly, use these considerations to plan how to get back to the airport for your departure.

We hope this was helpful! Read our Introduction Blog to learn more about our team.