Tips for Students Starting University

Tuesday, March 2, 2021
by Ryan T., AFM Student


Chances are, you probably have not taken the time to reflect and get to know yourself very well. I would encourage everyone to take the time to learn about themselves. I have found it very helpful to think deeply about my passions, the ways in which I am developing, and the lessons that I am learning throughout my extra-curricular activities and coursework.  

Gain Perspective

Professors teach material for a reason. Understanding why it is important and how it will contribute to your growth and development as a future professional is incredibly valuable. Instead of studying to do well on your assessments, make a genuine effort to understand the material and learn how all your course concepts connect. This will help you develop a more genuine understanding of accounting and finance that you will be able to apply during your co-op and full-time experiences.

Long-term Focus

Spend time thinking about your long-term goals and ambitions. Having long-term goals will provide you with the intrinsic motivation to learn and meaningfully engage in the University of Waterloo community. Additionally, having long-term aspirations will keep you focused on the things that are important to you and will help you build long lasting skills that will help you to build a highly successful career.

Set Strong Habits

Having structure in your day-to-day life that dictates how you study, socialize and energize will be very helpful for managing your goals and mental well-being. Focus on sleeping regularly and eating healthily and think proactively about studying for exams by working through material regularly with the intention of understanding the concepts.