Tuition Fees

Monday, March 18, 2019
by Kyrie H., Grade 11 HS student blogger

University costs how much?

When I was younger, I thought that everyone had to pay the exact same amount for tuition. I also incorrectly assumed that your tuition included residence and a meal plan. The cost of tuition varies based on what program you apply for and whether you are a Canadian student or an international student. It will also vary depending on whether or not you have a scholarship, - some students may receive multiple - and how much the scholarship is worth. Many people prefer to use co-op as a way to offset the cost of their tuition, but there is also an administrative cost that is added to your tuition for co-op students. The co-op fee is definitely way less than what you would earn in a co-op work term, but it is good to know that, there is a cost to being in a co-op program. I also thought that when you paid for your tuition you would be paying for all four to five years of your schooling all at once. When you pay for tuition, you only pay for one term, which is four months in length, at a time. After the first two terms, Year 1 of my university program, I will have a free term that I could either spend finding a summer job or just take  a vacation. If my program allows for it, I pay for and can continue my studies during the summer term to complete my undergrad sooner. My tuition will also vary depending on whether I am doing full-time or part-time courses. If you are like me and worried about tuition now, I would suggest speaking to your parents about RESPs and other ways to save for university. You should also check out the universities budget calculator to help with budgeting your expenses and clicking onto the link to the admissions page on the university’s website.