Preparing for Grade 12

Thursday, September 19, 2019
by Kyrie H., Grade 12 HS student blogger

Preparing for grade 12 is something I hadn’t really thought about as it’s technically just another year of high school, but it’s not. Up until this point, I’ve just been skimming by on everything involving school. I hadn’t done my homework unless I had to for marks. I barely paid attention in class, and I only put in the effort for my final summative in classes I liked. I realized that for some of the more competitive programs, like AFM that I want to apply to, they look at grade 11 final marks. I’m in grade 12 and my grades matter more than ever before, I need to get my act together and prepare myself for this last year. My main plan to successfully pass grade 12 with marks that would be acceptable for university admissions is to set aside my social life and focus on school. When I say set aside my social life I don’t mean locking myself in my room all year while doing nothing but school, I just mean I’m going to spend more of my free time doing things like homework and studying rather than going out with my friends. I also plan to focus more on researching University, yes, I have already done a lot of research but I need to do more. So far I’ve only really looked into the University of Waterloo as it’s my first choice, but I’m going to spend more time looking at other schools because who knows, I might change my mind. These are the two main things I’m going to be focusing on to prepare myself for grade 12.