Prospering during your time in university

Thursday, July 28, 2022
by Ritvik, AFM student

AFM student uses goal setting to make the most of UWaterloo career

My name is Ritvik and I’m a 4A Accounting and Financial Management (AFM) student (although it feels like no time has passed since my first year). When I started my university career, I set out with one goal for myself: to get to know everyone in my program within my year.

That was a hard goal to accomplish but I progressed quite far! As time went on, my goals and priorities within the program changed. It changed to finding the right co-op jobs to figuring out what career suits me best. This led me to find an unconventional career path that I honestly fell in love with! I started out working in audit at KPMG, and now for my last co-op work term I’m working in operations for a crypto start-up. I found a passion for start-ups with the experiences I had within the AFM program, and I truly believe that the program can do that for everyone. The co-op program, extracurriculars and courses provide many opportunities to explore your career options.

The world is your oyster.