Finding and Retaining Donors - Pressure to Show Results

Ways to find and retain donors and supporters

NPOs thrive on their supporters. Without regular donors, most NPOs would quickly fail to finance their operations and leading to shut down. With organizations raising approximately 34% of their revenues from individuals, it is important to appeal to existing and potential donors.

Here are a few strategies to find new donors:

Focus on mission

Donors are mission-driven. It is important to remain transparent with donors. Providing a complete overview of your organization such as your mission, values, and plans builds trust with potential donors and reminds existing donors why you exist.

Highlight Impact

Sharing program outcomes via social media posts or a newsletter communicates the impact donors are making. Posts showing how donors’ contributions are directly impacting the mission increase donor confidence and trust. Take advantage of social media marketing - ensure that you have created a thorough marketing strategy to push your promotional material. It is important to communicate updates on campaigns or organizational goals to ensure that donors have a clear picture of how their donations are being used.

Establish personal connection

Asking donors their “why’s” on donating can help NPOs understand their personal stories and connect with donors on a personal level. Donors are more likely to donate where they have been impacted directly or have seen the firsthand impact for the organization’s cause.

At the foundation of managing donors, organizations need to invest in building trust with their donors to retain them. Studies have found that many donors stop giving because they are kept in the dark. Here are 3 key points to emphasize in communication to donors:

  • Share key organizational successes
  • Share struggles
  • Provide clear “asks”

Retaining Donors

It is imperative that you keep your donors updated on any accomplishments your NPO has achieved. Donors want to be a part of the organization’s journey, including your wins! Keeping them engaged is the best way to retain their support. You can do this by:

  • Sending updates on any campaign accomplishments.
  • Congratulating them on helping you reach your goal.
  • Sending regular e-mails during long campaigns to keep them updated on the cumulative amount that you have raised.
  • Show the fruits of your organization’s work using numbers! Demonstration of accomplishments with tangible figures will motivate donors to continue supporting your mission.
  • Connect the achievements to the original mission.
  • Make sure to pick achievable objectives and not fly too high, too fast.

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