Education Goals

This Centre raises the standard of tax education in Canada through collaboration between tax academics and those who employ tax professionals.


  • Identify the knowledge and skills that are needed by young tax professionals entering the marketplace

  • Identify the best practices to help students learn and develop

  • Build a national reputation for tax pedagogy


The School is the best place to establish the Centre because the SAF already has:

  • The strongest tax programs in Canada at both the undergraduate and graduate levels – BAFM, Math/CPA, Biotech/CPA, MAcc, MTax, PhD
  • Significant connections with both the professional tax community and the academic tax community
  • A strong interest in tax pedagogy ​


Enhanced educational programs in tax at the undergraduate and graduate levels across Canada.

Educational Outcomes

  1. Teaching and learning leaders in tax
  2. Graduates prepared for a career in taxation
  3. Professional and academic communities engaged to inform our teaching/learning
  4. Students attracted to professional tax education

​Educational Activities

  1. Hold a Teaching and Learning Tax Conference
    -   Academics and practitioners collaborate
  2. Collaborate with the Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE)
    -   to develop and deliver key learning outcomes
    -   to continue our study on bottlenecks, threshold concepts and teaching for understanding
  3. Young Tax Professionals
    -   develop "Young Tax Professional" groups for students who have a strong interest in tax
    -   bring speakers in to talk to students about careers in tax and other special topics

This Centre does not deliver courses in our undergraduate or graduate programs.