SAF Alumnus José Hernandez writes book on how to combat corrupt businesses

Monday, March 4, 2019
Jose Hernandez posing for a picture

José R. Hernandez (MAcc '98) is quite involved with the School of Accounting and Finance being formerly part of the SAF Advisory Council, participating in our 2018 Valentine's story, and coming to the School as a guest speaker to talk about his experiences and book, Broken Business. This is José's first book and it offers senior business leaders an essential guide that reveals what companies can do to save their enterprise when scandal strikes or, better yet, what they can do to avoid scandal in the first place. The book is firmly grounded in research and the author’s vast experience in working with international companies. These organizations José talks about were almost doomed by crises of their own making, only to emerge stronger and better than ever through his advice.

Misconduct is inevitable, but scandal is not. As José explains, leaders first need to acknowledge but not condone the inevitability of misconduct. The book then shows how to develop a leadership approach so an organization may identify misconduct and address it before it heads to the crisis level.

Broken Business offers the essential steps for rescuing a company from a crisis and offers the tools to help recalibrate the leadership senses necessary to institutionalize good conduct in business, so necessary in today’s challenging world.

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You can also visit to find out more information or to his book.

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