The journey to a career in internal audit

On a bright sunny day at the TD Centre in Toronto, professor Adam Vitalis interviewed four SAF alums about their careers in the internal audit field. Internal audit is a critical component of effective corporate governance and risk management and plays an important role in helping organizations achieve their objectives while safeguarding their assets and reputation.

It was Philip Wong’s (MAcc ’07) idea to bring together his TD colleagues to hear their unique perspectives. He believed it would be valuable to share their insights with University of Waterloo students to get them excited and to envision where their education in accounting and finance could take them.

Interview panel:

  • Philip Wong (MAcc ’07), associate vice president, internal audit, TD
  • Margarita de Guzman (MAcc ’09), executive product owner, finance and risk platform, TD
  • Ida Hui (MAcc ’15), manager, accounting policy and advisory, TD
  • Alice Guo (MAcc ’16), senior advisor, AMCB D&A strategy and business management, TD


  • Adam Vitalis, assistant professor, School of Accounting and Finance, University of Waterloo
    • Professor Vitalis’ research utilizes various economic, behavioural and information processing theories to experimentally investigate cognitive limitations in processing risk and other information cues in audit and financial reporting settings.