Congratulations to the winning teams of the second Annual CFM 101 Team Competition

Monday, December 5, 2022

The Second Annual CFM 101 Team Competition was held in December. Teams were again required to choose from a basket of stocks to include in their portfolios to meet pre-set goals. Importantly, students did not know the basket of stocks from which their code must choose. This year, there were some devious and unexpected curve-balls thrown into stock ticker list in an attempt to get their code to do unexpected things. Happily, many groups wrote thorough code which produced very reasonable portfolios. Congratulations to our winning teams:

First place

Safe Strategy Category: P. Balakrishnan, J. Gao, G. Zhang-Houle. 

Risky Strategy Category: R. Anjum, R. Li, A. Smetanin. 

Picture of the winning CFM 101 team December 2022

(Not pictured with the first place winners: G. Zhang-Houle)

Second Place

Safe Strategy Category: J. Hong, C. Yang, C. Zhang. 

Risky Strategy Category:  H. Hassan, A. Li, A.Y. Zheng