Get ready for fall with the SAF Fall 2023 Bootcamp!

Thursday, August 17, 2023
two students working on their laptops in a classroom

With the fall term fast approaching, the School of Accounting and Finance (SAF) is excited to welcome the incoming Class of 2028. There is a lot of preparation involved as students get ready for their first year of university. To help with this transition, a team of faculty members at SAF have created a series of modules to get students familiar with the technology requirements for SAF, as well as basic accounting and finance concepts.

The bootcamp modules can be accessed within the My SAF Community, located on the teaching software LEARN. Students are automatically enrolled in the LEARN page closer to the start date of the fall term. My SAF Community is a vital resource for all students in SAF when navigating academic resources, career opportunities and much more.

The bootcamp is designed to help students gain knowledge of some of the software and technology that they will be working with in their introductory Accounting and Financial Management (AFM) courses. Many students experience the overwhelming change that comes with the transition from high school to university style of work. Since not all students have had access to classes that teach these softwares and core concepts in high school, having resources like the bootcamp will only make the transition that much easier.

This bootcamp is highly encouraged and recommended by our faculty members who teach these introductory courses and will help equip students with the skills they need to be successful during their studies. The three modules – Are You Tech Ready Bootcamp, Accounting Bootcamp, and Finance Bootcamp – take approximately 10 hours to complete. It is strongly recommended that students complete the bootcamp during August, prior to beginning their studies in the fall.

Steps for accessing the bootcamp modules:

Follow these easy steps to begin the bootcamp modules:

  1. Log in to LEARN
  2. Visit My SAF Community > Content
  3. Class of 2028 - Welcome to SAF > Fall 2023 Bootcamps - Get Ready for SAF