A Lifetime Mentor in the Making

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Dinesh Balakrishnan (MAcc ’14) and Gabriel Y., (BAFM '22) provide insight into the unique SAF Fellowship Program and the opportunities and lessons they gained through their participation

Dinesh and Gabriel

Established in 2003, the SAF Fellowship Program has proven to be a game-changer for all parties involved. The program invites SAF alumni and students to participate in a rewarding four-year relationship to develop future leaders. Selected AFM and SFM students are provided with opportunities for professional development, relevant work experience, and the added benefit of financial support.

Each Fellow is named after an Honouree—an alum who exemplifies the spirit of the AFM and SFM programs. During his years as a Fellow, Gabriel Y. (BAFM ’22), developed a synergistic relationship with Honouree and alum Dinesh Balakrishnan (MAcc ’14). Honourees like Dinesh (who was once a Fellow himself) are living examples of successful careers and can provide plenty of guidance and advice to current students.

“What I really admire about our relationship as Honouree and Fellow is that we’ve been able to cultivate an atmosphere of respect and mutual understanding. I admire Gabriel’s dedication and resilience to what is ahead of him.” - Dinesh Balakrishnan (MAcc ’14), Manager of Operations at Calian Group.

The School of Accounting and Finance caught up with Dinesh and Gabriel to find out what benefits they’ve received from their participation in the Fellowship program, and to gain insight into their unique years-long bond.

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