President visits Student Venture Fund to hear about positive student experiences

Thursday, November 30, 2023
Fall '23 SVF team with President Vivek Goel

The School of Accounting and Finance's Student Venture Fund (SVF) had the honour of hosting University of Waterloo President Vivek Goel last week. This event showcased the vibrant ecosystem of learning and collaboration cultivated by this experiential learning opportunity. The primary goal of SVF is to provide students with hands-on training in venture capital investing with guidance from industry and faculty experts. Through the SVF, students learn to achieve sustained asset growth by securing a return on invested capital while responsibly managing risks. For years, SVF students have been putting Waterloo on the map as they continue to attract capital to further develop Canadian ideas at home.

President Goel actively participated as students shared their personal journeys in the SVF from listening to company pitches to assessing risks and determining where to invest capital. Beyond being an exceptional experience, SVF opens doors to exciting opportunities for students. This includes the Concept 5K competition finals where previous SVF members have served on the judging panel, and the Canadian Venture Capital Investment Competition in Halifax where SAF’s most recent team placed first.

The future for SVF looks bright as students continue to acquire hands-on training in early-stage investments. They actively engage with entrepreneurs, collaborate with angel, venture capital, and institutional investors, and diligently prepare for a career in venture capital investing.

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