On Sabbatical Sept 1, 2020 - Feb 28, 2021

Sasan SaiyEducation and Certificates

  • B.ASc., Industrial Engineering (University of Toronto)
  • M.A., Economics (York University)
  • M.Sc., Finance (Queen’s University)
  • Ph.D., Financial Accounting (University of Toronto)

Brief Biography

Sasan is interested in:

  • Corporate governance
  • Economic consequences of accounting information and disclosure
  • Financial statement analysis and valuation
  • Accounting for financial institutions

Selected publications

  • "Director Compensation and Related-Party Transactions", with Ole-Kristian Hope and Ross Lu; Review of Accounting Studies (Forthcoming)
  • "Fundamental Analysis of banks: the use of financial statement information to screen winners from losers", with Partha Mohanram and Dushyant Vyas; Review of Accounting Studies, November 2017: 1-34.

Working papers

  • "The Impact of Operational Control Quality on Operational Efficiency and Cost of Capital: Evidence from U.S. Bank Holding Companies" (Under review).
  • “The effect of employee recognition on employee engagement and performance”, with Adam Presslee, Greg Richins, and Alan Webb.
  • "Government Monitoring and Information Precision: Evidence from Government   Contractors", with Tzu-Ting Chiu, Jeong-Bon Kim, and Dushyant Vyas
  • "Employee Quality and Firm Operation Outcomes", with Muhammad Azim

Courses taught

  • AFM 101 – Introduction to Financial Accounting (Course coordinator)
  • AFM 391 - Intermediate Financial Accounting (Course coordinator)
University of Waterloo
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