Financial Leadership Career Specialization

Specialization Details

The Financial Leadership Specialization is designed to develop leadership expertise and competencies in AFM students beyond degree required courses. Students will be exposed to a broad variety of topics in finance including but not limited to: corporate governance, risk management, international financial management, financial institutions, mergers and acquisitions and management of fast-growing firms. Students will gain skills in negotiation and leadership while also being exposed to sustainability concepts in a business setting.

Students in this Specialization often take co-op positions working as Project Analysts, Risk Management Assistants, or Internal Audit Co-ops.


Course requirements

Specialized courses

In order to obtain the Financial Leadership Specialization, you must complete these courses:

Mandatory Four Courses (2.0 Course Credits) Two of the Following Courses (1.0 Course Credits)
AFM 434 - Corporate Governance and Risk Management One of: AFM 485, ENBUS 310, ENBUS 407, ENVS 220
AFM 478 - International Financial Management One of: AFM 422, AFM 470, AFM 477
BET 450 - Leadership  
BET 460 - Business Negotiations  

Mandatory AFM courses

In addition, you must complete the upper-year courses required for all AFM students. Note that AFM 344 is the recommended course selection for this specialization, but you may choose one of the other options listed.

Upper-Year AFM Courses

Mandatory Upper Year Courses

3rd Year 4th Year
AFM 311 - Connections to Ethical Context AFM 480 - Introduction to Organizational Behaviour
AFM 321 - Personal Financial Planning AFM 433 - Business Strategy
AFM 335 - Business Law for Financial Managers  
AFM 323, AFM 341 or AFM 344  
AFM 373 - Cases and Applications in Corporate Finance  
AFM 391 - Intermediate Financial Accounting 2  

Pairing specializations

The Financial Leadership Specialization is typically best-suited to be paired with another specialization so that you can begin thinking like a leader in whatever sector interests you most and prepare you for wherever your career takes you.

Consider the pairing this with the Professional Accountant Specialization and strive to be a senior leader in an organization who makes decisions about which opportunities to seize, how to fund its growth, manage risk, and make a positive impact on stakeholders. This pairing is also valuable for those interested in the public accounting and consulting sectors, where firms are seeking professionals to deliver diversified services to clients. Consider pairing this with the Financial Markets specialization so that you can better understand client needs and work with their leaders to structure financing solutions.

Connect with alumni

The alumni profiles shown below are examples of SAF graduates employed in roles that involve knowledge and skills associated with the curriculum of the common pairings of the Career Specializations referenced.

Financial Leadership Alumni Profiles