Professional Accountant Career Specialization

Specialization details

In the Professional Accountant Specialization you will be able to build on core studies in accounting and explore financial reporting, assurance, taxation, cost management, and performance management at a more advanced level. This specialization fulfills the CPA prerequisite education requirements as well as the undergraduate requirements to be eligible for the 8-month Master of Accounting (MAcc) program. 

Students in this Specialization often take co-op positions as Staff Accountants, Student Chartered Professional Accountants, and Treasury Assistants.


Course requirements

Specialized courses

In order to obtain the Professional Accountant Specialization, you must complete these courses:

3rd Year 4th Year
AFM 362 - Corporate Taxation AFM 451 - Audit Strategy
AFM 382 - Cost Management Systems AFM 462 - Specialized Topics in Taxation
  AFM 482 - Performance Measurement and Organization Control
  AFM 491 - Advanced Financial Accounting


  1. Courses listed here are reflective of the MAcc requirements for AFM students wishing to apply for Winter 2024 MAcc entry.
  2. Each fall term, SAF students in their 4B term will be added to a MAcc Community Group on LEARN where they will be notified of important details and deadlines for the upcoming MAcc program.

Mandatory AFM courses

In addition, you must complete the upper-year courses required for all AFM students:

Upper-Year AFM Courses

Mandatory Upper Year Courses

3rd Year 4th Year
AFM 311 - Connections to Ethical Context AFM 480 - Introduction to Organizational Behaviour
AFM 321 - Personal Financial Planning AFM 433 - Business Strategy
AFM 335 - Business Law for Financial Managers  
AFM 323, AFM 341 or AFM 344  
AFM 373 - Cases and Applications in Corporate Finance  
AFM 391 - Intermediate Financial Accounting 2  

Pairing specializations

The Professional Accountant Specialization is a primary first choice of Specialization if you are interested in pursuing the MAcc degree and the CPA designation. It offers an outstanding foundation to build your expertise upon if you are interested in roles in public accounting, corporate, public sector or not-for-profit management, financial services or consulting. It pairs well with any of the other 5 Career Specializations. What you pair it with will depend on which what you are interested in most.

If you are interested in driving change in the world by helping organizations make a broader impact on society, consider paring this specialization with the Sustainability Career Specialization. To prepare for the future of the public accounting, or to help solve complex problems in virtually any industry or public sector space, you may choose to pair it with the Business Analytics Specialization. You may choose to pair the Professional Accountant Specialization with the Entrepreneurial Mindset Specialization if you are interested in helping large or small organizations innovate or raise money to grow. If you hope to strive to be a financial executive in a public or private sector area, you may choose to pair it with the Financial Leadership Specialization. These are just a few of the possibilities!


If you want to get involved in co/extra-curricular activities associated with the Professional Accountant Specialization, below are some examples:

Connect with alumni

The alumni profiles shown below are examples of SAF graduates employed in roles that involve knowledge and skills associated with the curriculum and of the common pairings of the Career Specializations referenced.

Professional Accountant Alumni Profiles