Removal and Re-admittance to the Program/Replacing numeric grades with CR/NCR

  • If you have been removed from the program due to academic performance, however there have been extraordinary circumstances that have unreasonably impacted your ability to perform academically, you will be required to petition if you want to return to AFM. Re-admittance will normally be offered if the petition is granted by the Arts E&S Committee resulting in a revision of the major cumulative average to at least 70%.  
  • Re-admittance can be gained with a minimum major average of 70% only after “clearing” an academic term or terms. Clearing basically means that your numeric grades are changed to “CR” and/or “NCR”. This would not apply if a first-year student clears both 1A and 1B terms, leaving him/her without an average on record.
  • When seeking to clear numeric grades as part of a petition, please note that CR will be assigned to courses with a numeric grade above 50%. CR indicates that a credit has been earned for the course and the requirement is met for degree granting purposes. NCR (no credit received) will be assigned to courses with a numeric grade below 49%. If a course that is NCR is an AFM degree requirement, the course will need to be repeated. Contact your advisor to discuss a new academic sequence.
  • Keep in mind that a CR course cannot be repeated, as credit has already been earned for the course.
  • If you are following a CPA academic pathway, please be mindful of how many CRs you have accumulated. Too many CRs will require repeating courses in order to meet CPA requirements.