Research Goals

This Centre will have an impact on tax thought in Canada and internationally.


  • Build a national and an international reputation for tax research at SAF through high quality research outputs
  • Contribute rigorous research to the tax policy debate in Canada
  • Expand the SAF research scope by developing international research collaboration with targeted academic units and individual researchers
  • Aggregate and disseminate tax research to Canadian tax participants, focussing on those in corporate tax departments, government, and advisory services
  • Further develop our PhD program to attract and prepare PhD students for tax research


The School is the best place to establish the Centre because the School already has:

  • The top accounting tax researchers in Canada
  • A national and international reputation for tax research
  • The leading Canadian PhD program in taxation


  • More opportunities for funding research and international collaborations than currently exist or that can exist without the Centre
  • A more significant impact on tax policy and tax practitioners in Canada through outreach activities

​Research Outcomes

  1. Research leaders
  2. National and international reputation for corporate tax research-based thought leadership
  3. Tax policy and tax practice are informed by academic research
  4. Develop high quality tax researchers in the PhD program
  5. Research is conducted on issues of interest to Canadian multinational corporations

​Research Activities

  1. Facilitate high quality tax research at the SAF through funding research activities
  2. Canadian Tax Policy Symposium and/or Research Symposia
  3. Corporate Tax Roundtable
    -      Organized and run for corporate sponsors
  4. Build ties with several foreign academic tax groups (US, Europe, Asia)
    1. Research Conference – every two years (first on will be at the University of Texas at Austin in 2014)
    2. Opportunity to spend 1–2 weeks at the other schools’ locations each year to build collegiality and collaboration
       – support faculty and PhD travel
       – support cost of visiting researchers
    3. Additional travel to the schools as beneficial
  5. Promote SAF as the place for students to come for PhD in tax
  6. Build ties with tax faculty in law and economics either individually or as a faculty unit
  7. Contract research
  8. Aid faculty recruiting and retention by promoting the SAF as the place for new faculty to thrive 

Policy & Professional Outcomes

  1. Engage the professional and government communities to showcase and to ground academic tax research
  2. National and international reputation for well-reasoned thought within tax policy environments

​Policy & Professional Activities

  1. Website
  2. Develop a research newsletter/blog to aggregate and disseminate academic tax research to tax professionals
  3. Annual tax symposium to bring academics, practitioners and policy makers together to discuss an issue of current interest