SAF Faculty Profile Stories

OBJECTIVE: To put into action SAF's strategic theme of Scholarship Excellence and build SAF's reputation in thought leadership.

GOAL: Tell humanizing stories of SAF faculty members that are engaging and of interest to a broader audience of prospective and current students, alumni, and the Waterloo community.

SUBMISSION AND STORY SIGN-OFF: The details you submit do not need to be polished nor in sentence form. Point form is acceptable. The Communications Team will use the content submitted to draft a profile story for you. We will send the draft story for your review and feedback before finalizing and publishing.


  1. Faculty profile stories will be published on the SAF website and linked to the faculty member's bio page.
  2. Faculty members can use these profile stories as an introduction for their courses.
  3. Profile stories can serve as a companion piece to amplify the promotion of a faculty member's research story.
Describe your research/teaching interests that would sound exciting and appealing to a diverse audience of prospective and current students, alumni, and the professions.
List the course(s) you've recently taught and/or will be teaching in S21 and F21 (if known).
Describe how you have pivoted the course(s) you teach to maintain student engagement and interest within an online/remote learning environment.
Provide details of your education, professional affiliations, centre responsibilities that you would like your profile story to highlight.
List up to 3 of your personal interest(s) and a brief description of what excites you most about these interests.
Describe something fun about yourself that's not research or teaching related to include in your profile story.
Upload a fun photo of yourself to go with your profile story.
One file only.
5 MB limit.
Allowed types: gif, jpg, jpeg, png, eps, tif.