SVF Investments

Nicoya Lifesciences (2017)

Nicoya has developed the world’s only benchtop surface plasmon resonance instrument called OpenSPR, which is used for studying molecular interactions in real time. Using a nanostructure sensor surface, the instrument helps determine which molecules interact, why they interact, and how strongly they interact. The instrument is easy-to-use, cost effective and requires low maintenance and is critical for the biotechnology industry and academic research.

Read more about the SVF's inaugural investment to Nicoya Lifesciences.

BrainFx (2019)

BrainFx provides digital brain assessments that help healthcare professionals with early identification of mild cognitive dysfunction, allowing adoption of preventive measures to ensure better patient outcomes. 

Chalk (2019)

Chalk is a K-12 education software company. The Chalk platform connects the curriculum, instruction, and assessment process and provides real-time insights for educators to increase student achievement. 

DarwinAI (2019)

DarwinAI’s platform leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to reduce the size, complexity and guesswork in designing efficient, high performance deep neural networks for real world applications. This “AI building AI” technology facilitates explainable deep learning -- the ability to understand how a network makes its decisions.

Labscubed (2019)

LabsCubed has developed an automated polymer material testing machine that is user-friendly, and compact. The automated system is faster, more accurate and cost-effective compared to a manual system. Labscubed’s integrated hardware and soft platform automates the testing, data recording and collection process and stores the data for future analysis.

YourIKA (2019)

YourIKA is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform for e-learning providers to enable real-time and personalized instruction at scale through proprietary technology that makes autonomous teaching, tutoring, and training possible.

Vena Medical (2019)

Vena Medical provides physicians with the world's smallest camera capable of going inside veins and arteries to help treat strokes.

AmacaThera (2021)

AmacaThera is developing an injectable hydrogel platform technology for sustained release of small-molecule drugs, biotherapeutics, and cells for a wide range of medical applications.

Mesosil (2021)

Mesosil has developed responsive antimicrobial materials to prevent infection at the medical device-tissue interface and is suitable for dental restoratives and dental implant surfaces.

Rehabtronics (2021)

Rehabtronics has developed a proprietary neurostimulation technology to reduce pressure ulcers.

Finta (2023)

Finta is an Accounting platform for startups.


- BrainFx (2021)

Chalk (2022)