SAF Student Technology Requirements

Requirements for incoming Fall 2022 students

The business community, and more broadly the world, is facing truly unprecedented, transformational forces. COVID-19 has changed the way people interact and collaborate in the workplace, perhaps permanently. The University environment similarly is transforming and using different pedagogies and approaches to education. Blended online and on-campus or even fully online instruction may be the norm for some time.

In an amazingly short period of time, data analytic skills, the ability to work with large datasets, and interpret and visualize model output has become requisite knowledge for a business professional. In recognition of this transformational force, SAF has expanded its degree required data analytics courses and have integrated data management and its use into many of our courses.

A mobile computer system, able to transition from applications at home, on co-op and in the classroom is a requisite tool of a business professional. All incoming SAF students in the AFM, SFM, CFM, Math/CPA and Biotech/CPA programs are required to have a laptop computer.