Science and Business Ambassador Team

Science and Business Ambassador Team.

The Science and Business Ambassador Team (SBAT) is a student-run organization that is dedicated to supporting Science and Business students through the provision of information, resources, and mentorship. SBAT executives, mentors and mentees come from all three Science and Business programs (Science & Business, Biotechnology/Chartered Accountancy, and Biotech/Economics) and are composed of students from various years of undergraduate study. Since our foundation in September 2005, we have worked to build strong connections among all Science and Business students, regardless of program specialization or year of study.  

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Our goal is to become the first point-of-contact for all Science and Business students and act as a student resource for academics, co-op, network building, and campus life.

We are committed to creating networking opportunities and strengthening relationships between prospective students, current students, and Science and Business student alumni.

For updates about the SBAT team and scheduled events throughout the year, you can visit our LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook pages.

If you’d like to reach out to us, please send us an email or send a direct message on Instagram. We look forward to hearing from you!

Photo of Sabrina Valeri

Sabrina Valeri Mentorship Lead

Sabrina Valeri is in the Science and Business program, specialized in biology. She loves to get involved in her community and encourages others to get involved as well! She has future aspirations of going to dental school and making an impact in the dental community. She also loves to play sports and workout in her free time.

Photo of Aksaya Jegatheeswaran

Aksaya Jegatheeswaran Marketing Executive

Aksaya Jegatheeswaran is a second-year Science and Business student specializing in biochemistry. Aksaya is the Marketing Executive for the Science and Business Ambassador team. Before this role, she was the Event Coordinator for the Science and Business Student Association.

Photo of Shahmeer Khan

Shahmeer Khan Operations Executive

Shahmeer Khan is a 4B Science and Business student and has been involved in SBAT for the second year in a row. Shahmeer has a passion for helping students, a key purpose for why he joined the team. Feel free to contact him for any questions regarding university life and he would love to assist!

Photo of Samantha Kremer

Samantha Kremer Mentorship Executive

Samantha Kremer is a second-year Science and Business student specializing in biology aiming to pursue a career in wildlife/environmental conservation. She loves to get involved in the SCBUS community and is currently involved in SBAT as an executive of the mentorship team and has also worked with SBSA as the VP of Equity in previous semesters.

Photo of Madison Oliphant

Madison Oliphant Co-Lead

Madison Oliphant is a third-year student in the Science and Business Co-op program specializing in Biotechnology. Her passion for the science and business community has led her to hold previous roles as President of the Science and Business Student’s Society, External Relations Executive for Fusion Conference, and Team Lead at WatSolve Consulting Group. She is currently serving the Science and Business community as the Co-Lead of the Science and Business Ambassador team. After graduation, she aspires to work at the crossroads of science, technology, and business in the consulting or healthcare industry. Outside of academics and extracurriculars, Madison enjoys spending time in nature, cooking, and paint by numbers.

Photo of Sophia Gabriel

Sophia Gabriel Operations Lead

Sophia Gabriel is a third-year Science and Business student, specializing in Biotechnology. She has taken on an active leadership role within the Science and Business community, through her commitments to SBSA, SBAT and the Science Society. Sophia aspires to bridge gaps between evolving patient needs, technological advancements, and business strategy in the healthcare space throughout her career.

Photo of Kobi Ifesinachi

Kobi Ifesinachi Operations Executive

Chiadikobi (Kobi) Ifesinachi is in the Biotechnology/Economics program. He is currently a member of the SBAT team as an Operations Executive. He enjoys reading and physical activities such as soccer, weight lifting, etc. He joined SBAT to connect with new people and work to achieve SBAT’s objectives. He enjoys working with the team to reach their set goals.

Photo of Vani Patel

Vani Patel Mentorship Executive

Vani Patel is a second-year Science and Business student specializing in Biochemistry. She is currently completing her first work term as a Quality Assurance Analyst at Farm Business Consultants. She is also an active member of Bebaha Virtual Healthcare, a UWaterloo-based ehealth start-up and the Undergraduate Research Club.

Photo of Darren Shui

Darren Shui Operations Executive

Darren Shui is in his second year of Biotechnology/Economics and is an Operations Executive for the Science and Business Ambassador Team (SBAT). He joined SBAT to learn more about what Science and Business has to offer, to build meaningful relationships, and to contribute to the Science and Business community.

Photo of Solana Redway

Solana Redway Marketing Executive

Solana Redway is a passionate third-year Honours Science and Business student. She is currently as a Marketing Executive for the Science and Business Ambassador Team and has taken part in the Workplace Innovation program. Solana is hoping to pursue child psychiatry and wants to open her own practice.

Photo of Naomi Opia-Evans

Naomi Opia-Evans

Finance and HR Lead

Naomi Opia-Evans is a third-year Science and Business student specializing in Biochemistry, passionate about international development and aerospace engineering. This interest prompted her to take an internship with Bombardier Aerospace. After various co-ops, she has experience in both project management and research. Naomi is a great resource for project management co-ops, campus involvement, and transferring into Science and Business.

Photo of Ludshiya (Lucky) Manivannan

Ludshiya (Lucky) Manivannan Co-Lead

Ludshiya (Lucky) Manivannan is a 3B Science and Business student specializing in Biotechnology and pursuing a minor in Economics and Human Resource Management. She has been a part of SBSA and Fusion, as well as the Co-Lead for SBAT this year.

Photo of Shagitha Rajathevan

Shagitha Rajathevan Marketing Executive

Shagitha Rajathevan is in her third year of Science and Business and is doing a minor in Economics. She loves hanging out with friends and loves to play soccer and volleyball!

Photo of Sarah Qutaishat

Sarah Qutaishat

International Student Executive

Sarah Qutaishat is in her 4B of Science and Business specializing in Biotechnology. She enjoys being a part of the SCBUS community, she’s currently the President of SBSA and was previously TA for SCBUS 123, and the President of Fusion. In her free time, Sarah enjoys circus arts including acrobatics, aerial hoop and loves travelling.

Photo of Aathani Raveendran

Aathani Raveendran Marketing Lead

Aathani Raveendran is a third-year student in Science and Business. She is passionate about giving back to the community, which has led her to currently work as a Consultant at WatSolve Consulting Group and as the Marketing Lead of the Science and Business Ambassador Team. Aathani aspires to use her intersectional knowledge to create innovative solutions for the healthcare and consulting industry.

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