Successful C-Suite Executive Fireside Chat Hosted by WatSolve Consulting Group

Tuesday, March 30, 2021
by Nikhita Nandeesha

WatSolve’s Fireside Chat with IGM Financial’s Chief Operating Officer, Mike Dibden, was a great success! Although it was a virtual event, attendance was not by any means low! WatSolve was proud to host this event on a platform all Science and Business students could attend. Attendees showed a great deal of enthusiasm and had their questions answered by Mike.

While being a great storyteller, the level of expertise and intellectual capital he brought to the table was remarkable.

“He keeps you engaged and instantly you start to think about your own ideas and projects.”

  • WatSolve Associate

Mike’s Words of Wisdom about each theme discussed in the event, including his career journey, work-life balance, fintech experience and leadership were valuable in the sense that many Science and Business students could employ his advice in their career-building paths.

Key Takeaways

“A career doesn’t develop in a straight line”

“You have to take ownership of your career”

Take your swings when the risks are low”

3 Dimensions of Success

  1. Your Network is Incredibly Important to You
  2. Deliver Consistently in All Aspects
  3. Continue Learning

Key Takeaways

Coming out of your comfort zone and building relationships is critical to enhancing your professional persona. The ability to learn and connect a situation to a learning experience is vital for personal growth. It's important that you don’t feel beaten-up by failure or unfortunate instances. This should only make you stronger and more apt to take on robust challenges in the future. Inadequacy is normal in the beginning, but always remember to acknowledge “your wins.” Especially during challenging times, as with the pandemic currently, it’s important to be adaptable, as unpredictable situations are bound to arise. Keep in mind that it might take time to achieve success and when you find your niche, put your best effort and keep yourself motivated!

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