WatSolve surpasses 50 completed deliverables

Monday, March 22, 2021

Written by: Monica Shum

WatSolve provides consulting services to STEM businesses of all sizes. Since 2017, WatSolve has worked with 22 clients and has completed over 50 deliverables! Project deliverables included financial audits, market research, customer segmentation, and plenty more. 

WatSolve Consulting Group is comprised of Science and Business students. The Science and Business program is multi-faceted, giving students a combination of both Science and Business knowledge. Practical knowledge in Science allows students to understand companies at a technical level. Students also have strong Business knowledge that allows them to thoroughly analyze the company. This enables WatSolve members to effectively consult for STEM companies.

WatSolve prides itself in providing practical, innovative and lasting solutions to its clients. Below is a testimonial of one of WatSolve’s clients, Evelyn Allen, and her experience with WatSolve’s services for Evercloak Inc.:

"As a science-based start-up, most of our limited resources (and our expertise) are weighted heavily in technology development. In working with WatSolve, we've been able to augment other key areas of our business including marketing and finance, to further support our fundraising activities.

WatSolve helped us build out a more robust financial forecast, designed a website to articulate our value proposition and developed supporting marketing material. It has been a great experience!"

-Evelyn Allen, CEO, Evercloak Inc.

To get in contact with WatSolve, a representative must fill out the Client Contact Form. The client must provide basic information about the company. This includes company name, location, contact information, and industry. It is important to indicate the area of business that the company will need help with.