Undergraduate Advisor and Instructor, Science and Business

Kashif Memon

Dr. Memon has in-depth practical and academic experience in international business and economics, working at the intersectionality of politics, international relations, country competitiveness, science, and technology. He comes to the University of Waterloo with a diverse background of global involvement in Supply Chain, Reconstruction and Development, Policy, Planning, and Implementation on an international scale through his work and research in North America, Europe, and Asia. Dr. Memon has worked as a Country Consultant with the United Nations, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and the World Trade Organization. He has also worked as a CSP Officer in the Pakistani Civil Service, serving in the Ministry of Commerce, Planning & Development Division, and Trade Development Authority of Pakistan. Prior to joining Waterloo, he established United Nations first Pakistan Country Trade Point (GTPNet) in Karachi, linking country EXIM Community to the Global Trade Point Network. At Waterloo he established the Science and Business program in China and launched the Student Personal and Professional Career Development Strategic Plan: myBusiness.

Dr. Memon teaches several courses in the Science and Business program by applying an Intersectionality Based Policy Analysis (IBPA) framework. By practicing servant leadership, he provides an innovative basis for critical analysis in the field of education that examines equity-based social justice in globally diverse populations. Dr. Memon is an integral faculty member of the Science and Business program. He works to provide students with career management advice through myBusiness as well as with business expertise they need to thrive in various industries through his teachings and involvement in Science and Business extra-curricular organizations.

Contact information

Office: STC 4038

Phone: +1 (519)-888-4567 ext. 35114

Email: kmemon@uwaterloo.ca

Student advising

  • Academic progression
  • Course audit
  • Graduation/convocation audit
  • Course enrollment/override forms
  • Course equivalents
  • International exchanges
  • Letter of permission (LOP)
  • Post-grad advising
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