2022 Science and Business Program Initiatives Update

The Science  and  Business  website is a strong tool available to both current and future students of the Science and Business program to access program-related information, resources, news, and opportunities to get involved.

Over the past year, many changes, additions, and updates have been made to the website that we would like to draw your attention to, including existing and recently added resources available to you. 

As many of you may know, the Science and Business program used to offer 7 specializations  (Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Environmental Sciences, and Physics) in addition to no specialization, but was recently reduced to 3 specializations (Biology, Biochemistry, and Biotechnology) and no specialization.

Although some specializations are no longer available to new students, you still have the option of pursuing interests in the discontinued specializations through minors and options. Minors and options available to pursue as part of the Science and Business program are listed here. 

A summary of the core courses required for the successful completion of each specialization currently offered in the  Science and Business program is available here.

Program outlines created in alignment with the Undergraduate Studies calendar for each year since 2013 are available for your reference here.

Student Groups 

The  Science and Business program hosts several student groups that serve as a resource for the student community in both professional and recreational capacities. Visit the web pages of the following Science and Business student groups for more information on how to leverage their events and services, as well as for further information on how to get involved: 

On this note, we would like to give a huge thank you  and shoutout to  Sarah Qutaishat and Gabrielle Starodub, graduating leaders of SBSA and WatSolve, respectively. Sarah (who was also Fusion Conference President from 2019 to 2020) and Gabrielle have been dedicated members of the  Science and Business  student community throughout their time in the program and have made contributions to the program that will continue to benefit current and future students for generations to come. To Sarah and  Gabrielle  congratulations on your graduation! The  Science and Business program wishes you the best of luck with your future  endeavors. We are proud to call you alumni of our program.

An environment of inclusivity is both a pillar and  a strong value of the Science and Business  program. Please visit the EDI page for a list of resources that will aid in creating safe and welcoming environment for all students, faculty, staff, and  stakeholders of the program.

The  Science and Business Blog aims to spotlight the accomplishments and  success stories of both alumni, as well as current students in the program. Check out our blog to read about latest happenings within the SciBus community! 

To provide students with equal opportunity to be selected for the position of TA for our  Science and Business workshops, application forms have been created for both the Fall  and  Winter terms. Please keep an eye on the status of these forms here, as they will be opening shortly for Fall 2022 term.

Looking to get involved in the advancement of your student career  and personal development with Professor Kashif? Sign up for the myBusiness mentorship program  and  learn more about the value of this initiative here.

To foster continuous improvement, the Science and Business  program encourages feedback from all stakeholders of the program, especially from our students! If you have any suggestions for the program, or want to get in contact with the program, please feel free to leave your comments in our  suggestion dropbox here.