Admission requirements

Actuarial Science | Biostatistics, Statistics, and Statistics for Health | BMath Data Science | Financial Analysis and Risk Management


Our Statistics and Actuarial Science programs are second-year entry. This means you must first be accepted into the Faculty of Mathematics. Financial Analysis and Risk Management is a direct entry program, with the additional possibility of transferring in your second year.

Faculty of Mathematics explanations of Cumulative Average (CAV), Major Average (MAV) and other standings.

Actuarial Science

To declare Actuarial Science as a major, joint, or minor, students are required to have:

  • Completed MTHEL131 with a minimum grade of 60.0%; or, for Business Administration and Mathematics Double degree students, a minimum grade of C- in BUS121W.
  • A minimum special major average of 70.0%; or if a SMAV does not yet exist
  • A minimum cumulative average of 70.0% on at least 10 courses, and no failed courses (i.e. no grades <50, or DNWs, or WFs).
  • Note: The ACTSC Special Major Average (SMAV) is the average of STAT 230/231, ACTSC 231/232, and all 300-400 level math courses, and it exists once there are at least 3 courses in the average.



Biostatistics and Statistics


A student with CAV >= 60% and MAV >= 65% in the Faculty of Mathematics may ask to be admitted to Statistics, Biostatistics or Statistics for Health, provided they have passed a minimum of 10 courses.

Note: the MAV for calendars in 2014 and on includes all math courses.


BMath Data Science

BMath Data Science is a program jointly owned with the School of Computer Science. Note this plan and it's admissions are completely separate to the BCS Data Science program.

This program is a competitive entry program, meaning we only accept about 16 students per term (50 per year).

The minimum requirements we look at are:

1.  A minimum math average of 65%.

2.  A minimum CS average of 70%.

3.  Are enrolled in, or have completed CS 136.

All three averages have ranged independently from the mid 70s to low 90s. This depends on the term and the students that apply.  It is impossible to predict what the average(s) will be in the term you apply.

Please make sure to read the BMath Data Science FAQ before applying.

Financial Analysis and Risk Management

Students from other Faculty of Mathematics programs can transfer into the FARM program after successfully completing ten courses. This means that you will be in the first term of your second year when you apply to transfer. There is a slightly higher tuition structure for FARM and thus transfers must be in this term to be fair to all students. Do not wait until the end of the term to attempt a transfer. You very likely will be denied since transfers generally need to be done in the first three weeks of classes.

The ten courses that most students complete to be considered include:

  • MATH 135, 136, 137, 138

  • CS 115, 116

  • One communications course

  • TWO of the following courses: COMM 101, AFM 101, 102, 131, ECON 101, 102

  • Minimum 75% CAV at the end of 1B study term.

For additional information please contact the FARM advisors