Bench Dedication Ceremony in honor of Dr. Godambe

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Godambe's Bench

Source: Samantha Mahoney - Math Advancement

Godambe BenchesOn June 1, 2018 the Faculty of Mathematics held a Bench Dedication Ceremony in honor of Dr. Vidyadhar Prabakhar (V.P.) Godambe in the Mathematics 3 (M3) Atrium. The afternoon was a beautiful one, filled with memories, stories, paintings, photos, and of course, the official presentation of the Godambe benches.

Memorials such as this are important because they act as historical touchstones. They are a source of inspiration and information for young people, and offer an insight into the history of an area.  The one unveiled that day, adjacent the to the Statistics and Actuarial Science building is a quiet place just off the beaten path. It is the ideal commemoration of Dr. Godambe, and his great impact for the Department.

V.P. Godambe Memorial

While each memorial that dots Waterloo’s campus is unique, this one is especially distinctive – both through its design and inscription. Created by his friends and colleagues to preserve and commemorate their dear friend and colleague, the spot will ensure that Dr. Godambe will never be far from the thoughts of future generations of statistics students.

To each person who contributed to this special project, and especially to Charu and Shobha, please accept our deepest thanks

Thank you again for attending and we hope that you will have the opportunity to visit the Godambe benches in the future.