Instructional Support Coordinator (ISC) Services to Instructors

ISC Services to Instructors

Depending on demand, we can provide ad-hoc or ongoing support or advice for:

  • TA coordination and management (meetings, proctoring, marking, tutorials, evaluation, office hours)
  • Course planning/coordination (course learning activities, remark requests, textbooks, test coordination)
  • UW Systems (LEARN, Odyssey, Piazza, Crowdmark, Mobius, Quest)
  • Educational technology (clickers, polling software, LaTeX)
  • Administrative issues (AccessAbility, VIFs, grades, printing)
  • University Policies (Academic Integrity, INC grades, exam retention policies)
  • Scheduling Tutorial Centre office hours
  • Exam reviews

plus anything else not mentioned above but you are interested in receiving support with! If you are unsure, please email and we are happy to discuss.

How to get started working with an ISC

You can request course support if your course is not an automatically supported course. Alternatively if you require infrequent support you can reach out to an ISC directly, as needed.

General ISC e-mail: