Exam Viewing

Information for Faculty

What is this service/why is it being offered?

The purpose of this service is to help ease the burden related to student exam viewings. We will organize a time/day to meet with the student, allow them to view their exam and, if necessary, forward any questions/remark concerns directly to you.

All exam viewings will be done in-person. Students will not be able to access their cell phones or write any notes while the exam viewing is taking place. The ISCs will not answer any questions related to the exam or do any remarks/grade revisions, we are there solely for the purpose of facilitating the viewing.

How do I refer students?

Please direct students to the online form.

Do I need to give the ISCs anything?

If you would like the students to have access to the solutions, please provide those. We will ensure they do not leave the exam viewing room in any manner.

If your exam was submitted via Odyssey, we will be able to access it on Crowdmark already.

If you did not use Odyssey, we will need to be added manually to your Crowdmark course to access the student’s paper.

If Crowdmark was not used, e.g. paper was physically marked, we will need the physical exam to facilitate the viewing.

For further information, please read Exam Viewing FAQ (PDF) or reach out to us at sas-isc@uwaterloo.ca.